How we did our days in 2011/2012

August is almost here.   Unbelievable.  It struck me that I’d better be planning our upcoming school schedule or we’ll just continue all this drawing, swimming, and  swinging, into the fall without realizing it.  Ahh, that sounds pretty nice. But schedules are a great tool to help me do what I really want to do deep down.  Sometimes very deep down.

Obviously, things change every year—new babies, more mobile babies, kids getting to school age—so every year’s schedule looks different.  Even when I’ve gotten the “perfect” schedule down on paper, we inevitably make revisions and sometimes a complete overhaul.  Nick joked that about the time we get comfortable with a routine, it’s Christmas and everything goes out the window until the new year.

With the addition of Harvey last year and three kids doing at least some schoolwork, we went through multiple schedules, and each one was simpler than the last.  We finally settled on this basic outline:

8:00  Breakfast and Cleanup chores

9:00  Bible Time

9:30  Schoolwork

Kids do independent work while I take turns with one-on-one work:  Finch-phonics/reading;  Marianne-reading/grammar;  Wilson-grammar

11:30  Chores

12:00  Lunch and read-aloud

12:30  Play outside

1:30  Schoolwork / Rest time

4:00  Pick up / Supper prep

6:00  Supper

7:00  Family time or History lesson

7:30  Family Bible study

8:00 or 8:30  Bedtime

Here is the spreadsheet of one of the later versions of the daily schedule, which includes Harvey’s nursing schedule. This framework was comfortable for us, and I think we can use the same basic structure from here out.

By the end of the year, we had settled on doing schoolwork four days a week to allow us to get together with friends or grandparents on Fridays.  I think the four-day schedule motivated us to work harder and we ended up being more productive in less time.

Not only does the daily schedule take some refining, but the subjects for each child get some tweaking during the year.  We have to evaluate how each child is doing with time management, mastery of concepts, frustration levels…all those eddycational considerations.  Nick and I had some fun nighttime front-porch planning sessions last year.

Wilson’s subjects, 3rd grade

Bible reading – 30 minutes

Math – Saxon 5/4 for 90 to 120 minutes, includes reading lesson, working problems, grading and correcting (finish 3 lessons per week)

Language – 30 minutes

M / W – Spelling Workout (one lesson) and cursive (write one page of letters)

T / R – Grammar (First Language Lessons, 3rd grade)

Music – Practice violin for 30 minutes

Reading – Robinson curriculum booklist for 30 minutes

History – Story of the World lessons some evenings

Extra-curricular – Cub Scouts

Marianne’s subjects, 1st grade

Math – Math-u-see (2-3 pages) 30 to 45 minutes (I grade the work)

Reading –

Robinson booklist out loud, about 20 minutes

Fun reading, 30 minutes

Grammar – First Language Lessons, 1st grade – some days, about 20 minutes

Music – Practice violin for 20 minutes

Cursive – Write one page, about 20 minutes

History – Story of the World lessons some evenings

Finch’s subjects, pre-K


Alphaphonics, 15 minutes

Starfall, 20 minutes

History – Story of the World lessons some evenings

Harvey’s subjects, infant


Rolling over, crawling, walking

Learning some no-no items in the house

Napping so Mommy gets a break

*Non-Independent work

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  • July 29, 2012 at 8:38 pm

    Oh, that was a beautiful article. No wonder you are doing such a great job homeschooling. Of course, those adorable kids help.

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