Olympics with the Skiles

We’ve had some great visits with the Skiles in the month we’ve been in Maryland for Nick’s work.  Michelle has been so good to invite us over and plan outings, and the kids have had a blast together.  Though two years have passed since our last big reunion, it didn’t take us long to catch up.  (Here are other pictures.)

Josiah had some Olympic games planned for us this time.

Josiah, master planner

Representing different regions of the United States were:  Finch (5), John Luke (6), Marianne (7),  Wilson (9), Josiah (9)

Scorekeeping judge: Michelle

Photographer and timekeeping judge (not pictured): Dana

Assistant to the judges: Keira (5)

The three events were a race, a long jump, and an obstacle course.

The competition was fierce.

It was intense.

It nearly came to blows.

Not really.

There was a lot of laughing.

The athletes wearing proper shoes came out with better scores.

Athlete: Finch

Athlete: Wilson

Athlete: Marianne

Assistant to the judges:  Keira

Athlete: John Luke

Planner and athlete: Josiah

Audience member: Gabe

After the Games, the kids had a watergun battle to cool off.

It was a big day.  And I didn’t even take any pictures of the Cornstarch Goo experiment.

Thanks for another great visit!

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  • August 1, 2012 at 9:07 pm

    Hey, we made some cornstarch goo this week too!

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