Exciting* new videos from Washington, DC

Despite Nick’s busy work schedule in Maryland, we managed to spend one Saturday in Washington. We didn’t want to lug the big camera around, so we took the little video recorder and collected a few goofy movies from our outing.

Just off the subway, we did the obligatory waving at the camera in front of the Capitol.

Here we’re taking a break while at the Smithsonian American History museum. The highlights were the Fort McHenry flag that inspired the Star Spangled Banner, an exhibit about Jewish peddlers and their carts which inspired play for the rest of the month, and the roomful of different types of American currency since its settlement.

After the museum, we had snacks on the Mall.

Harvey got his snack, too.

The Metro ride back to our car. Finch said this was his favorite part of the trip, and I think Harvey liked it, too.

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