Warm winter day

Back in early December, we had a unseasonably warm Friday.


And then I received the phone call that I always receive on unseasonably warm Fridays in December.  “Hey honey, you wanna get out the pop-up and go camping tonight?” And like the sucker that I am, I said, “Sure!”


So I scrambled all afternoon to cook a lasagna to heat in the crock pot and find jeans and shoes for the kids to wear at the campsite.  Nick came home in the early afternoon and we managed to make it to the campsite an hour after dark.  Then Nick fought with the camper to get it level, the kids jumped from picnic table to fire ring in the dark, and the lasagna refused to warm up.  Finch slipped on the fire ring, faceplanted on the picnic table, and blood was everywhere.  I figured that was the end of the camping and the beginning of the ER, but once the blood was cleaned up, it didn’t look so bad.


Then we ate cold lasagna by a cold fire and dodged the smoke to roast some marshmallows. The kids wouldn’t settle enough to read a book aloud by the fire, and they went to bed before long.


But the next day, we went to the fabulous playground!  And completely enjoyed this unseasonably warm Saturday.


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