How we did our days in 2012/2013

Flashback: 2011/2012 schedule

It’s amazing how the days can drag but the year flies by.  Today is our first official day of summer vacation.  I’ve been calling the last few weeks “summer break” while still including some daily schoolwork—gotta finish those math books!  Who was I kidding?  We all need a good break, and just maybe we can start up again in August and actually be refreshed and ready to go.

Easter 2013 in Marion

Our 2012/2103 schedule went something like this:

7:30  Chores (Wilson-make oatmeal; Marianne-start laundry; Finch-unload dishwasher) 

8:00  Breakfast

8:30  Breakfast Cleanup (Wilson-load dishwasher; Marianne-wipe table & switch laundry; Finch-vacuum floor, take used rags to laundry room)

9:00  Morning rotation: Schoolwork, one-on-one school with Mom, playing with Harvey

11:30  Chores (Wilson-chore rotation; Marianne-make sandwiches; Finch-rotation)

12:00  Lunch

12:45  Play outside (Harvey naps)

1:30  Come in and finish schoolwork / rest time

3:30  Rotation for Create mode in Little Big Planet

4:00  Chores (Wilson-watch Harvey; Marianne-unload dishwasher; Finch-set table for supper)

5:30  Supper

7:15  Bible study

8:00  Reading in bed

8:30  Lights out

One big change happened in our schedule when we joined a homeschool co-op in January.  The kids had classes at the co-op on Thursday mornings, and then a history lesson and some edible surprise with their grandmother in the afternoon.

Another change was in the way we structured school time.  In past years, things were more or less by the clock:  Spelling from 10:30 to 11:00, etc.  Now, most of that work was independent, but I was still trying to manage everyone’s start and stop times and I started to go a little nuts in the fall.  So I came up with a simple chart to let them keep up with their work on a weekly basis.  When they finished the assigned work for a subject, they highlighted one box on the chart.  It was a nice visual reminder for them to stay on task during the week or else face a pile of work when Friday rolls around.  My nagging was considerably lessened after switching to these charts, and no one ever had much of a pile on Friday.

Wilson’s subjects, 4th grade

Bible reading –  2 chapters
Math –  Saxon 6/5, one lesson –  includes reading the lesson, working problems, grading and correcting
Reading –  Robinson Curriculum booklist; Apologia Astronomy; Python programming book (Learn to build your own computer games in Python)
English –  Rod and Staff 4th grade – work through one lesson with Mom
Spelling –  Spelling Workout, 15 minutes
Writing –  Abeka Cursive Writing Skillbook 3, 15 minutes; sporadic letter writing
Science –  during reading time: Apologia Astronomy; The Stars, by Rey
Latin –  Prima Latina, one lesson per week with daily flash card review
Music –  Practice piano for 20 minutes (Grandmother gave lessons in the fall, then I dropped the ball in the spring…)
History –  Story of the World Vol.1 lessons with Grandmother
Co-op classes –  Alabama History; Indoor/Outdoor Games; Drama and Speech
Extra-curricular –  Cub Scouts

Marianne’s subjects, 2nd grade

Bible –  Read 2 chapters
Math –  Math-U-See (3 worksheets), includes grading and correcting it herself
Reading –  Robinson booklist, 45 minutes
English –  Rod and Staff 2nd grade – work through one lesson with Mom
Spelling –  Spelling Workout, 15 minutes
Writing –  Abeka Writing with Phonics 1, 1-2 lessons
History –  Story of the World Vol.1 lessons with Grandmother
Co-op classes –  Draw Write Now; Animal Studies; Indoor/Outdoor Games

Finch’s subjects, Kindergarten

Reading –  Alphaphonics, 15 minutes; or easy readers
Writing –  Abeka Writing with Phonics K5 Cursive, 1-2 lessons
Other –  Kindergarten curriculum program on the computer, 30 minutes
Read-aloud –  Fantastic Mr. Fox; Paddington; Indian in the Cupboard and others
History – Story of the World Vol.1 lessons with Grandmother
Co-op classes –  Geography; Spanish; Indoor/Outdoor Games


Safe stair-climbing
Eating with utensils
Going down the slide head first
Somersaults on Mommy’s bed
Sign language for “more” and “please”

First ride on the sailboat, April 2013




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