Our chores in 2012/2013

We started our fall semester with an organized chore chart.

Fall 2012:

Some things worked well, and others, not so much.

Supper and sailing

For example, it wasn’t a good idea to assign Marianne to make the oatmeal every morning.  Let’s just say that the early mornings aren’t her best time and everyone was happier when we switched that job to Wilson.

The marina “playground”

The Jurisdictions dropped off after about two weeks.  The idea was that everyone has a small area of the house to pick up and dust in the afternoon.  Great idea, but poor execution.  Let’s just say that the late afternoons aren’t my best time and everyone was happier when we dropped the Jurisdictions altogether.

Spring 2013:

Even with our rough spots, the kids really did well with their chores this year.  They’re growing in ability and diligence all the time.  I’m looking forward to Harvey getting his own row on the chore chart.  Then I can just prop my feet up?  Right??

Harvey “working” on his toys

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